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#pch08 = PodCamp Hawaii

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[…] was the highlight of the night for me.  Howard is the other icon/hero of local journalism that I mentioned yesterday.  Like Ian Lind’s blog, I read every post and watch him every morning on Sunrise […]

  Auntie Pupule wrote @

Aloha Capsun!

Welcome to Blogging!

Write on!!!:)

Auntie Pupule

  Am I Vain for Wanting to Connect? « Capsun’s Corner wrote @

[…] 1, 2008 by exbor Before I went to PodCamp Hawaii, I had just under 240 friends on Facebook, just over 30 contacts on LinkedIn, and perhaps 20 […]

[…] day, my jaw dropped when I saw Congressman Abercrombie on Twitter!  As he said in his session at PodCamp Hawaii, he is an amateur, but he has truly embraced new social media and how it allows politicians to […]

  quilly wrote @

Hmmmm — I didn’t do any of the things necessary to qualify as geek, but I was a PodCamp Hawaii speaker. Can I get some geek credit for that? Probably not since I brought a stuffed animal with me, huh?

Oh wait! I do have a kick’n DSLR! That counts. I also posted some pics of Matt Mullenwig on my blog!

Now I guess I’d better go learn to Twitter.

  exbor wrote @

Oh yes, a speaker would definitely qualify. Sorry, I was trying to write things that I did. And I wasn’t a speaker. You AND Ella would qualify.

  quilly wrote @

You’re a sweetie! I’m a middle-aged lady with no clue of what she’s doing half the time, but a few people think I’m funny.

I’m planning to start a PodCast at the first of the year.

  Mahalo Alltop! « Capsun’s Corner wrote @

[…] months and have used it the past.  But what really got me to know it well and use it heavily was PodCamp Hawaii.  And it does help that their Chief Evangelist, Neenz, is everywhere and always promoting […]

  I’m a Winner « Capsun’s Corner wrote @

[…] my friend Quilly, whom I met at PodCamp Hawaii and listed as one of my Top 10 Hawaii-Based Blogs?  One of my favorite features that I said I […]

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