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Am I Vain for Wanting to Connect?

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  Sid Savara wrote @

Tagged knighthood? This is clearly a first, don’t think I have seen that before on blogs I read

Side note, social media is changing so many things, including making some nonpersonal, efficient technology obsolete in the face of people’s normal interactions

I have yet to subscribe here via RSS for example as I am on my blackberry and see your posts on twitter. The same is true now for guy kawasaki’s blog and a handful of others.

Though I will subscribe as this blackberry only is temporary, I wonder how many normal people do use twitter, facebook atsus, notes etc as two way life stream aggregation

I know that I barely feel any less connected to friends in other states or countries now, and less desire to catch up via email too. Want to know what is going on or what’s new? Go read my twitter stream and blog, link up on facebook and linked in and see my bookmarks on delicios and stumbleupon, Mixx, and digg

It’s like self serve life updates

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