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Support Our Local Economy – Made Easy

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  David wrote @

Actually Sid and I were talking about this once. And we figured that even though it’s a “mainland company”, it’s about the same anyway. Cause a lot of money stays here, to pay for local workers and local expenses.

I still remember debating Connie about buying cheaper mainland products or more expensive local ones. She wanted to buy local products to help out local people. My sarcastic capitalistic take on it was that the local guys are ripping us off by charging more, and besides, everything is made in China anyway. =p

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[…] $5,100 to the Prop 8er cause. Guess that’s one local business I will exempt from my “support local” […]

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[…] I actually think it’s a pretty genius marketing ploy, but I’m just trying to put things into perspective here.  And, if you aren’t convinced by these efforts, but still want to help the economy, read about an easy way to help out. […]

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[…] I have an entire weekly feature devoted to that, Props and Slops.  I also encourage others to support local businesses.  So today, I want to tell you about Wraps & Rolls, a new eatery started by LR, my former […]

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