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Follow the H8te Money…to Hawaii

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  pomaikai wrote @

One of your best posts in my opinion. Although a “clear majority” of the voters in California approved Prop 8, I hope Democratic legislators in California are able to undue this clearly discriminatory restriction. I completely agree with their statement in court documents filed on Nov. 10 that “the citizens of California rely on the Legislature and the courts to safeguard against unlawful discrimination by temporary, and often short-lived, majorities.”

  Liko Puha wrote @

Aloha e Capsun,

Mahalo for the awesome statistical analysis. I wanted to write more, but just know I appreciate your post.

I remaing positive that the government will recognize this is a civil rights issue, not a religious one.


  exbor wrote @

Mahalo to you both for your comments and readership. It’s nice to see that we are in agreement, but honestly, I’m fine with people disagreeing with me. More importantly, I just want people, especially young people, to get educated about and involved in the political happenings of our day.

  quilly wrote @

I personally think that issues like this hitting the ballot are a violation of EVERYBODY’S civil rights, gay or straight.

  Katie wrote @

Great post Capsun!

There are times when the will of the majority translates more into the tyranny of the masses. I think this was the case with Prop 8. Democracy should be the will of the people but not at the expense of what should be people’s civil rights. I agree with Pomaikai and the California Courts: “the citizens of California rely on the Legislature and the courts to safeguard against unlawful discrimination by temporary, and often short-lived, majorities.” This isn’t the end for the anti-prop 8 movement. And hopefully there are some strong voices that can overturn this vote supporting discrimination, hegemony, and oppression.

  exbor wrote @

quilly and Katie,

I wholeheartedly agree! As I state on my Nations app on Facebook:

There IS a difference between a republic and a democracy. It lies in the ultimate source of official power. In the case of a republic, it lies with a charter; in a democracy, with the rule of the majority. In a democracy, majority rules, and minority loses. In a republic, you have certain unalienable rights that cannot be outvoted, and the government is supposed to protect those rights.

That’s why the United States is a Federal Republic.


  Travis wrote @

Very interesting stuff. Thanks.

I think equal marriage has to be ultimately resolved on the Federal/Constitutional level.


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