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Pualani Status on Hawaiian Airlines

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  Bunga wrote @


I concur. Pualani status is like crack and I spend so much time trying to figure out how I can get 50 segments a year now…


  Pualani Status on Hawaiian Airlines | damagefreight.com wrote @

[…] Pualani Status on Hawaiian Airlines […]

  Sid Savara wrote @

I didn’t know about that Avis preferred trick – that’s awesome. I hate standing in line to rent cars, but I usually go with whatever company my work has set up. If I always used the same company I would sign up, I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle when I only rent cars a couple times a year, and always with different car rental companies.

  exbor wrote @

Bunga: thanks for letting everyone know it was you who told me the addiction thing.

Sid: Good point about having to go with what the company gives, I’ll have a post about what that results in later.

[…] They tried to charge us a $10 checked bag fee for our first bag.  We travel on State of Hawaii tickets which are supposed to be coded as corporate, which means we are exempt from the fee.  After a little arguing, my work wife got them to waive the fee on Friday.  On Saturday, it was me checking in the bag and I went through the same ordeal.  So I just sneered, “I guess it’s just one more thing for the complaint list!”  Note that if I flew on Hawaiian, I would be exempt from the fee because of my Pualani status. […]

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