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How Long Can I Keep the Momentum Going?

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  Ali Hale (from Alpha Student) wrote @

Thanks for the link to my post on SidSavara.com 🙂

I have two blogs – http://www.theofficediet.com and http://www.alphastudent.com – and I agree it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated. I’ve been writing The Office Diet since Jan 08 and I did find it easier once I got about three months in… I’m hoping I’ll find the same with Alpha Student!

One tip — cut down your posting rate. With both my blogs, I started off trying to post too frequently for me (5 days/week on TOS and 7 days/week on AS). I’m now posting about 3 days/week on each, and it makes it more manageable both for me and my readers.

Good luck! Hang on in there — commit yourself to doing the blog for six months, come what may, and you’ll make it.

  exbor wrote @

Thanks for the tip and encouragement! I post daily partly because I have a backlog of topics I want to discuss. But maybe by posting less frequently, I could have better posts.

  nara wrote @

I like the blogs! I always wanted to know what was in your brain. Happiness. One day I might start one of my own . . . When the kids are in college!!

  exbor wrote @

Thanks for stopping by and for the comments. You should start a blog…NOW. It’s like therapy, but free, and you can share it with far more than one person. You could start a photo blog of the kids.

  Kim wrote @

You’re right — blogging is like therapy. Many people don’t understand why I would continue to blog for the Advertiser during grad school, but it’s kind of a chance to take a break from the books and flush out your thoughts on something else for a change, regardless of how trivial it is.

One of my goals for my blog is shorter posts, more often. Unfortunately, that style is very time consuming. One post a day is time-consuming enough!

It also depends on your audience. I would add to Ali Hale’s comment that I read blogs daily and will sometimes come back to the same blog several times in one day. The way you keep people coming back is to have the promise of something new when they return, even if it’s just a new comment in response to their comment (like you’re doing).

Finally, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that when I post long, thought-out entries that I think are great, few people actually read the entire thing. So I guess I would suggest sticking to the Golden Rule of blogging: brevity is the soul of wit.

  exbor wrote @

I hear ya on the long post thing. But that pretty much describes grad school doesn’t it? Although you may share writing with classmates and friends, ultimately, you are writing for yourself and the professors? At least that was my take.

  Kim wrote @

True. But with the blog I’m not hashing out the reasons why or why not Singapore’s long-term growth is sustainable, rather, I’m writing about …. Facebook.

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