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My Benedict Arnold Moment (or, Don’t Fly go!)

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  pomaikai wrote @

That sounded like an ordeal! I always thought go! would be bad, but I never imagined it would be that bad. Auwe!

  nara wrote @

yeah, tell them to go #*%@ themselves!!! And give my uncle his job back. You are the king of documentation. Are you going to write an angry letter too, or are they beneath such dignified correspondence?

  exbor wrote @

You and I are not alone. I was thinking of writing all of this in a letter to them, but I haven’t decided on it yet. Maybe just an email. While they are worth the complaint, they aren’t worth the postage!

[…] my tirade on go! the other day, I want to show that I can also use this blog to praise someone for doing something […]

  Ryan wrote @

Interesting. I’d had nothing but terrible experiences when forced to fly on Aloha (my company had a corporate account). I’m sure if I’d endeavored to take notes on everything that annoyed me, I could generate a few thousand words myself. I always flew Hawaiian when I had the choice, and when go! showed up, I gave them a shot to avoid Aloha.

I realize there’s a lot of background resentment toward go!, of course, and that in Hawaii, entire families and companies have loyalties that run deeper than “just business.”

Flying go! is no picnic, but it was cheap and got me from Point A to Point B. I think the only thing that grated on me was their choice of in-flight entertainment (some kind mish-mash of local hip-hop). And my daughter hates that pog juice isn’t complimentary.

But if you’re going to talk about incorrect gates, late flights, weird fees, rude employees… you’re going to find that on any airline on any given day. Aloha is the only airline that’s stranded me on another island overnight not once, but twice. I’ve been barked at by even my beloved Hawaiian’s gate agents, and have had some go! attendants that were so nice I figured they were HVCB plants.

Your milelage may vary, of course. I certainly appreciate the passion with which you make your point! At least you were up front about your intentions and expectations going in — taking an “Aloha” plane on board? Priceless.

  Nohea wrote @

People they have issues, but am I the only former Aloha employee that accepts the fact the Aloha is responsible for it own demise. Anyone who worked for Aloha who does not acknowledge that is was horribly managed and extremely watseful is in denial. Aloha died 15 years ago when they were practically printing their own money, but did nothing to upgrade their fleet, plan for the future, and get the union to buy in. If they did, they would have been too strong to be challenged. Personal responsibility applies to businesses too. Aloha.

  exbor wrote @

Thank you both for disagreeing with me a little. Most people want to agree, I just want people to be thoughtful about issues.

Ryan: great points about loyalties running deep in Hawaii and that service varies on different days. Overall, I’ve had great service on Hawaiian and Aloha. I ultimately switched to Hawaiian because Aloha’s service was slipping, then their on-time performance went down the same road…

Nohea: mahalo for visiting and for sharing your comment. I didn’t say go! was entirely to blame, and also admitted management’s role:

“I’m one of those who blame go! as one of the biggest reasons Aloha shut down (soaring jet fuel prices and alleged mis-management did not help)”

You also aren’t the first former Aloha employee to tell me if they had switched to a newer fleet like Hawaiian, they probably would have weathered the storm of rising oil prices.

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