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The Power of “I’m Sorry” and Actually Listening: The AT&T Outage Story

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  Sid Savara wrote @

I don’t really like it when companies pro-rate like that. Sure, it’s “fair” in some regards, but I’m not paying a-la carte. It’s not like I could call them tomorrow and say “Hey by the way, I never used the EDGE network yesterday, how about you refund that?”

It’s a 2 year contract, billed monthly. If service is spotty at any point during the month, I would have been better off on a 2 year monthly contract somewhere else.

Would a whole month’s reimbursement be fair? Perhaps. Or perhaps if they don’t want to lose that much revenue, upgrade something on my plan. If I don’t have unlimited texting, give me unlimited texting free for 3 months. Or double my minutes. If I wasn’t using them before, I probably won’t use them again – but if I DO and I enjoy it, you may have just upsold, puppy dog style.

Making us wait on the phone to get back $1.25 is not a completely unnacceptable solution, as I agree the principle is correct. While they certainly avoided the Motris Moms type of fiasco, I think they missed an opportunity.

Or perhaps I have just been reading Seth Godin’s blog too much 😉

  quilly wrote @

$1.25? What about pain and suffering? I am certain some people were frantic. In fact, when I called my boss and a recording told me her phone had been cut off, I wondered if I needed to order flowers for her funeral. My boss’s phone is NEVER off.

  exbor wrote @

There’s an interesting question. Instead of a service credit, how about 1 month off my contract? That wouldn’t cost anything. I’m surprised I’m not more upset about it; I guess coming from Sprint, any level of decent customer service is appreciated. So, while they may have missed an opportunity, it’s better than I’m used to.

And I never thought about pain and suffering. I’m like your boss. Most people think I’m on a flight or sick if they don’t hear from me for more than a couple hours.

  Muiling wrote @

Love blogs that bring the humor out in people, like “Quilly”. I hate phones unless I’m stuck on the side of the road, want to be found, or want people to assume I’m somewhere else. We are truly spoiled. Try being with someone who has 2 phones competing with each other and ringing at the most inopportune times. Personally, I like to look people in the eye when conversing…a true Scorpio trait.

  exbor wrote @

Good point about looking people in the eye, but I couldn’t very well fly to Texas to talk to AT&T…

On the other hand, I wonder how much better customer service would be if representatives had to talk to customers in person. Imagine that!

  Muiling wrote @

I need more blog lessons.

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