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A Visit From Flat Stanley

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  John Rosa wrote @


I want to be Flat Stanley’s Manager, I see HBO series in our future……..

  exbor wrote @

Would that be a comedy series, travel show, or documentary? Too funny.

  John Rosa wrote @

It would be a take off of “Entourage” Stanley’s climb to the top……..

  quilly wrote @

Did you know that Ella came to me by mail much as Flat Stanley came to you? She left the same way and is now enjoying Thanksgiving festivities in Texas.

And, I subscribed to your blog, but my feed reader seems to be shunning you. I’ll try again.

  exbor wrote @

You know, I was going to write about Ella, but wrote this post as a last minute replacement, so didn’t have time to email you. How interesting that the concept has extended to other characters. Ella was more fun – I wanted to play with her because she was cuddly.

Sorry to hear of your reader problem. But now I appreciate your visit and comment even more. I use Google Reader to test if posts work and it shows up fine. Oh well, maybe your reader was going on Thanksgiving vacation a bit early.

Thanks again for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving!

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