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A New Stamp for Hawaii

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  pomaikai wrote @

I agree, Herb Kane’s work is amazing. In high school, I was always amazed looking at his painting of the Battle of Nu`uanu. It hangs in the reference section of Kamehameha School’s Midkiff library.

  laurelle wrote @

Mahalo for not referring to it as “Admissions Day”… groan…

Uncle Sonny once said that no self-respecting Hawaiian agency employee should celebrate Admission Day. I said we are respectfully taking the day off as a day of mourning.

Stamps. Yes, want those. But I’m going to have to take away your OCD-Geek card unless you start collecting stamps with some sense of purpose and seriousness. You can sort them all by date and type, and keep them in folders and books, it’s fun la’dat!

  exbor wrote @

As a Native Hawaiian, I hear what you, Uncle Sonny, and many others are saying about Admission Day and it’s illegality. I’ll probably be working on a longer post for that later.

As an indigenous person, I know that Thanksgiving is another holiday with a less than positive history. Every year when the fiancee is looking for books to share with her class, I bring all the native views of Thanksgiving books, with all the real stories. She always says she can’t share that. Then I tell her she’s just perpetuating the lie.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should see the Thanksgiving display the 894 ma gang has up.

  laurelle wrote @

I’ll see your Thanksgiving and raise you a Christmas!

894 ma display? prolly Hardy! Uncle Elmer said he’d help him decorate.

Tho *I* think there’s something about high winds, rain and electricity that just don’t go together on a wooden building.
Happy Thanksgiving!

  exbor wrote @

Did I write 894? E kala mai, I meant 345 ma. They have a bunch of pictures of an assortment of characters from Cook to Falwell to Robertson – to remind us all that Thanksgiving wasn’t a great event for many native people.

  laurelle wrote @

ha ha made me look!
ok i’ll have to check out the display o 345. all I remember is something like a fish head/basketball player bust. I’m sure I’m missing the allegory.

Yes, thanksgiving is always a great occasion, no matter for whom; “T”hanksgiving… whole other story.

I am giving lots and lots of thanks… dh/dd getting me some pie …mmm, pie!

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