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Dr. David Keanu Sai

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  kamana kapu wrote @

The slave-owners (Washington, Jefferson, et al) who founded this wretched country called the United States of America had no legitimate right to do so inasmuch as the human male has no right to impose his laws, traditions, customs or beliefs upon others especially when those others object to such imposition as the mothers, wives and daughters of those founders did.

I believe that exposing the scoundrels who founded this country for the treacherous, deceitful, cowardly, brutul and murderous people that they were will go a long way in
challenging the illegitimate occupation of our islands by the whitemen.

  exbor wrote @

kamana kapu: Mahalo for your visit and comment. Dr. Sai’s work and the efforts of many others will go a long way in educating the world about America’s role in Hawaii’s history.

  Nara wrote @

Awesome — Dr. Sai. Yes, much respect, and right on Capsun for lauding his achievement. Wish I could have been there too and I’ll look forward to the blog on the book, once it’s published. So what . . . future Dr. Poe?

  exbor wrote @

Nara: I really do want that PhD, but will have to wait till after the wedding. Although I think the baby-making will follow shortly thereafter. It will remain a goal and I want to help get us to the 1,000 Native Hawaiian PhD mark!

  keonaona wrote @


How wonderful Keanu – You have worked hard,sacrificed and gave much to our people whether they know it or not – Continue on your path, for it is rightous and the continued Truth will continue to set us free, as in the end, we all have to answer to God our Father – And as a note, America is a good country, and so is its Flag, it is the American Governments Foreign Politics, Greed and False truths thats “haona”!

God Bless Obama and his family and God bless Keanu and his Ohana and “da cuz’ns” in Kahalu’u and May God continue to Bless all of Hawaii and all of its people – Peace and Love to All!

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