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Unfazed in the Face of Uncertainty

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  Muiling wrote @

My emergency fund came in handy when I was faced with a 3-week trip to London and the almighty dollar was worth 50 cents! P.S. I estimate it will take me 3 years to replenish.

  laurelle wrote @


An SUV reversed into ko`u ka`a on Sunday (I’m FIIIINE)
–killed my morning
–killed my ka`a
–killed my emergency fund

… “good credit” is part of the definition of “emergency fund” isn’t it?

How can we help ourselves, help our family, support the local economy, support the world economy AND go green?

Buy a new Prius from dh’s nephew and finance it thru our credit union.

I’m trying to be happy about this, Capsun!

  quilly wrote @

I love the folks at Lex Brodie’s! They are efficient and helpful and talk to me straight. OC and I were just discussing the tonight the need to call LEx Brodies and schedule our oil change. They do more than tires you know — and they do it all well.

This was not a paid advertizement. 😉

  laurelle wrote @

Lex Brodie’s has been very good to me and my cars over the years. They’ve taken care of every tire I’ve ever owned and even referred me to my favorite mechanic, Rod at Rod’s Auto (now on Kawaiaha`o Street). He’s taken care of my family’s cars for almost 30 yrs now!

If you get a chance, check out the display of “stuff Lex’s has pulled out of tires.” Loads of nails, wrenches and da kine, set in a resin table-top. They hung it on the wall upstairs, but ask around if you can’t find it.

  exbor wrote @

Muiling: Perhaps you should call the Federal government and ask for your own personal bailout.

laurelle: Yikes! Glad you’re in one piece.

laurelle and quilly: Glad we all agree on the great service we get at Lex Brodie’s, and yes, I know they do a whole lot more. Actually, my cousin’s husband was working that day, so he worked on my car.

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