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  Sid Savara wrote @

Excellent decision =)

My only gripe (and this is not really even the aspire one’s fault) is it is VERY difficult for me to write blog posts on planes, which is one of the main things I bought it for. The angle is just not comfortable for me.

So I usually go to TED and download a bunch of videos before the flight, and since they are 20 minutes each, I can knock out a whole boatload of those on the plane – and it’s easier to download to a laptop to watch than on a portable DVD player.

And you know – people HAVE managed to install MacOS on it 😉

  quilly wrote @

Well, this price is nice to know. My lovely, full-sized, Gateway (never again) which is just over a year old has a faulty connection. The internal power coupler seems to be loose, so I have to have the laptop just so and be careful not to jiggle it, or it will be operating on battery only, and I have to mess forever to get the power back again.

Repair shops want to replace the entire motherboard to Correct the problem ($$$$) when a cheap weld would do it — except I don’t know how. On the other hand, a motherboard and the aspire are about the same price and this does have a dvd and a nice large screen …..

  exbor wrote @

Sid: Maybe I’ll look into installing OS X. Of course, I’d probably have to ask you for help.

quilly: I like your weld idea! Good point on the DVD player, but I luckily won a new portable DVD player at my office Christmas party.

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