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And We Have a Winner!

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  Sid Savara wrote @

A travesty! It was rigged! I want a recount! This isn’t over! Minnesotans, we will have our voices heard…

Oh wait, I won.

I think it was the subject matter. I don’t know about other readers but some of us fly mostly Hawaiian ;). Asking for a specific memory of Aloha Airlines is pretty tough.

Although I did like this – “Oh — you might have gotten more takers with a “Tell About Your Worst Experience on Go/Mesa Airlines” contest.”


  pomaikai wrote @

I agree with Sid. Although I have a lot of memories of flying on Aloha Airlines, most of them don’t directly involve the company or its staff. It was the people I was traveling with that made my trips memorable.

I can’t say Aloha Airlines ever went the extra mile to make my flight one for the record books. Maybe that’s why I flew Hawaiian when I had the choice. If it makes any difference, I don’t have any bad memories of Aloha Airlines.

  quilly wrote @

I am going to have to fire Google. They never told me you’d posted this!

After Sid’s comment I kind of feel like I won twice. I stand by my suggestion — how about a “Worst memory of Go/Mesa contest”? I can think of two horrendous things they did to my partner and he’s only flown with them (business mandate) three times! Of course, his last flight on Hawaiian they lost his luggage for two days, so it could just be him ….

Thanks for picking me! I am so looking forward to my Moleskine!

  exbor wrote @

You don’t need to fire them. As long as you got to the post OK, it’s fine. I do like the worst memory of go! idea, but I was trying to keep this positive. And tell OC he should get work to look into Mokulele – we’ve started doing that at my office, and it’s the same price as go!

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