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Those Famous Manago’s Pork Chops

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  Sid Savara wrote @

Next time I’m in Kona eh? And I thought planning out food places a month in advance was too organized 😉

  exbor wrote @

No, no, no. When it comes to food, one can never be over-prepared. I loves me some good eats.

  quilly wrote @

I love pork chops! Dang, that’s a long commute for dinner!

Btw, the notebook arrived and I love it! Thank you.

  exbor wrote @

Glad you like the Moleskine Cahier. FYI, the last half of the pages are perforated, if that helps.

As for the pork chops, I’ve actually taken short (24 hours or less) trips just to get some. They are that good!

  Nathan Kam wrote @

Hey man, don’t tell too many people about this hidden gem. LOL! Almost every time I go back to the Big Island to visit my parents, we find ourselves at Mango…and I have the pork chops everytime. So ono. Would be fun to have Manago and Side Street Inn pork chops side by side. It would be close! Have a great time in Kona!

  exbor wrote @

They already know! When I tell them I’m from Kona, half the time that’s what they ask about. Side Street is the only other pork chops I can eat; I gave up years ago on trying chops from anywhere else. Manago’s is like flying on a Gulfstream V and others’ pork chops are then like having to fly coach on a commercial flight.

  Fran Magbual wrote @

I love Pork Chops and those look like really great ones. There’s nothing like simple food prepared in a simple way.

  danny b wrote @

Manago’s brings back so many memories of savory pork chops and wonderful sides. They need to me on a cooking show for real. I can almost taste them now with a glance at each picture.

  exbor wrote @

They’re still in the same place, with the same hours. Prices have gone up, but they’re always there waiting for you. Come home anytime!

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