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Vog: Volcanic Smog

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  Sid Savara wrote @

I don’t go outside 😉

  exbor wrote @

Well that’s a simple solution! You live in a new building with better filtration system. I have no AC and many buildings in Kona don’t do much to filter out the vog. But you are right, going outside is far worse.

  quilly wrote @

I have no AC, either, and actually prefer it that way. I love fresh air. I don’t love the vog and it isn’t so fond of me, either!

I have found that when it gets particularly bad on Oahu a pseudoephedrine based anti-histamine is good.

Do not use “gets the red out” types of eye drops. A vaso-constrictor is what “gets the red out” and it actually constricts your blood vessels and slows blood (thus oxygen) getting to your eyes. Such eye drops are fine every once in a while, but not as an allergy remedy. A plain saline type wash is good, though.

  laurelle wrote @

1. H2O, and lots of it. More than you usually drink (and that’s saying a lot, iirc from those exp reimb forms). Don’t overdo it, yiou could kill yourself by water toxiicity though!

2. Limit exposure. Stay indoors, minimally exercise.

3. Apples, applejuice, applesauce. Something about it is healing. I use those little cups of applesauce like coughdrops, a little at a time, over an hour or two.

On the positive side, there is some interesting info out about particulate matter being worse than the SO2 gas. On the negative side, the particulate matter is worse in Kona than in Hilo, at the eruption site.

Mele Kalikimaka 🙂

  exbor wrote @

I’ll try 1 and 2. I really don’t like apples.

Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka!

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