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  quilly wrote @

For those Christmas travelers on your list, you might want to add the John Candy movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles. If you haven’t seen it, go out and rent it yourself. It’s a movie about two guys who meet while each are trying to get home for Christmas.

And as to my enlightenment: We tried. The morning of Christmas Eve I went to the store and bought my love a new belt and two new pairs opf slacks. They were sorely needed and he hates shopping for himself. Then my love, being a smart man who knows me well, figured out that when I disappeared for 45 minutes without explanation I must be Christmas shopping, went out and bought me a tack of novels — three in HARDBACK and all of them books I had commented at one time or another that I wanted. Now that’s love!

  exbor wrote @

I do know that movie. And it’s a great one! It’s just not one that I usually try to watch on Christmas, but maybe I’ll include it next year. If it’s on TV, I’ll watch it.

Don’t worry about the gifting. One sensible gift is not going to lead to over-commercialization of Christmas!

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