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Top 10 Hawaii-Based Blogs

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  Sid Savara wrote @

Nice list – I like QLC as well. I had never heard of Volcanic Ash (though I may follow him on twitter, not sure) but I visited just now and enjoyed it.

Nathan’s blog is fun too. And of course, the HawaiiBlog is well…aptly named. THE Hawaii Blog.

[…] Lastly,a hat tip needs to be given to Capsun for including the Kona Blog on his top ten list of Hawaii blogs. […]

  Aaron Stene wrote @

Mahalo for including my blog on your top 10 list of Hawaii blogs.

  exbor wrote @

Sid and Aaron: It’s I who thank you for keeping me updated in your respective areas. I don’t have time to find those tidbits on my own, so I’m glad I can really on you both, the rest of my top 10, and the hundreds of other blogs I follow. I’m more educated and informed now than I ever have been previously!

  Kim wrote @

Sweet! I feel extremely honored to be on your Top 10 list. I didn’t even know about some of the others — I’ll have to check them out.

  Nathan Kam wrote @

Capsun, not sure my blog belongs on your list with the others you’ve included but I’m definitely flattered. BTW, you forgot one on your lists…YOUR BLOG…which is a daily read for me. Mahalo and Happy New Year!

  exbor wrote @

Nathan: How modest of you! But your blog absolutely belongs on the list. For what is the point of making our world better if we aren’t doing it for someone, like our children? Reading about your child-rearing gets me excited (and prepared) about doing the same in a few years. I’ve really gotten the daddy bug planted, spending lots of time with two of my cousins’ infants.

  quilly wrote @

Sorry I’m late. I’m not feeling up to snuff — wait, that’s not true. I’m doing a lot of sniffing and sniveling and nose snuffling. I believe I am allergic to Hawaii.

As with all people who have horrible allergies to that which they love, I’ll just have to learn to live with it. Occasionally though, it gets me and I go down for the count.

I’m glad I wasn’t down so long I missed this! Thanks for the mention — two of them, in fact! Much more than I deserve.

  exbor wrote @

You’re welcome for the mentions. And thank you for coming even with a cold.

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