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New Year’s Goals for 2009

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  Quilly wrote @

The only New Year resolution I have made and never broken was my resolution in 1980 something to never make another New Year Resolution! Like you, I set goals — what’s more, I set them when their need or my want makes them apparent, I don’t arbitrarily wait for the first day of the New Year. There was a popular saying when I was a teen, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Looked at in that light, every day is the first day of a New Year …

Okay, I need to stop now because I’ve confused myself!

Happy New Year!

  exbor wrote @

Excellent point about setting goals when necessary. The goals I shared were the ones at the top of my to-do list.

  Sid Savara wrote @

While I have nothing against Elements of Style, I would recommend reading some of Leo’s posts on WriteToDone, his writing blog. I think it’s more relevant for online writing.

In any event, I think Capsun’s Corner is better written than most blogs anyway. At least you have headings and lists! I think everyone should be required to style their articles. The only blog I read that doesn’t is Mark Cuban.

Everyone else, either make your billions like him, or start using paragraphs and lists =P

  exbor wrote @

Now you tell me – after I just bought the book. It’s OK, it’s worth it, plus I can use it for my work/professional ventures. I’ll just have to read and buy both!

Thank you for the compliment on my writing. It means a lot coming from someone about as persnickety as me. I do try to write well, but I still feel I could do a better job. I joke with another geek that I write for an academic audience, so it tends to be data-intensive and have lots of explanation. But that’s how I am anyway.

  Kim wrote @

I’m already impressed that you’re keeping the commitment to posting daily blog entries. Best wishes in the New Year!

  exbor wrote @

Happy New Year to you, too! As long as readers like you continue to visit Capsun’s Corner, I will continue to write for all of you. Mahalo for your encouraging comment.

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[…] January 5, 2009 by exbor I’m on my way to achieving at least one of my goals. […]

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