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I’m a Winner

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  quilly wrote @

LOL! If we were going to do something shady and compromise our integrity, I hope it would be for prizes of a bit more substance or for fame a bit more lasting!

I wasn’t at all surprised when you won. A political junkie (my mate) came up with the idea, so it figures it would take a political junkie to solve it. Next Monday’s offering won’t take any special knowledge — in fact, I’m pretty certain the winnr will be whomever types the fastest!

  exbor wrote @

It’s the principle of it all. Hey, no one can accuse us of not making proper disclosures. I’ll have to talk to OC more next time we meet. Maybe at #pch09? Or the next Tweetup.

  Sid Savara wrote @

Perhaps you should add a disclosures box to your post 😉

Although for contests on blogs specifically – aren’t comments on blogs a way that people form relationships? I would expect that the winning comment would come from a friend.

Most of my comments come from the same 10 people. Most of my twitter convos, out of my followers, come from perhaps 2-10% of all the followers =P

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