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New Hawaii Business: Wraps & Rolls

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  quilly wrote @

Argh! The only time I am close to that neighborhood is Sunday for church! I have put this place on my mental list as a “must try”. I know sooner or later I will end up in that area on a week day.

  Earth wrote @

Honey, we had the creamy crab quesadilla, not a smoked salmon wrap… but you are right about it being very ono-licious! 🙂

  exbor wrote @

quilly: I know what you mean, I knew she opened it, but it took me that long to go there on a weekday myself.

Earth: Thank you, it’s corrected, although I left evidence of my error. So you can have proof that I do make mistakes.

  Ryan wrote @

Sounds interesting! May pick up on the way to Flickr Friday in just a few minutes. Thanks for sharing.

  exbor wrote @

Ryan: Enjoy! She told me she might have some new offerings. Maybe she’ll start them today.

  Ben wrote @

The wraps are good I like the Crab roll and the Kimchee roll.

  exbor wrote @

Ben: Thanks for visiting and for the comment. Glad you like them!

  Ryan wrote @

I did, indeed, stop by for lunch yesterday! She said the daily specials were discontinued (or at least the Thai chicken listed on the website for Friday), so I went with the “Simply Salmon,” “Chinese Chicken,” and “California Crab.” Tasty, cool, light, and healthy, and at about $3 each, a decent deal!


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