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First Time Grindz @xtremetacos

I never really get a chance to make it to the monthly Eat the Street events coordinated by @streetgrindz (http://twitter.com/streetgrindz) because they are usually on Fridays, which conflicts with my yoga practice (and YES, yoga is THAT important to me!) And the one time they did it on a Thursday, I wasn’t on the island.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked across the street from my office and found the Xtreme Tacos truck there. I tried two tacos, despite the fact that I have a lunch in an hour. Hey, when an opportunity knocks, who am I not to answer the door?

I tried the BBQ Pulled Pork Taco ($2.50) and the Baja Fish Taco ($3.50). I liked the fish more than the pork, but that’s because I enjoy savory food. It’s good stuff and you can check them out online at http://xtremetacos.com, follow them on Twitter @xtremetacos (http://twitter.com/xtremetacos), or at the next Eat the Street.

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